Why Are Tax Credits Given to Solar Power Customers?

By Vitaliy Vinogradov
In General
Oct 11th, 2021

The solar tax credit is a credit that can be claimed for a percentage of the cost of installing a solar energy system.The government wants all the customers to prioritize solar installation and get massive savings on the electricity bills. They also focus on providing tax credits that qualify the customers to avail of huge discounts.Read more to find out about the tax credits for solar power customers.

Which is the best solar panel that is recommended?

Poulin solar pro is the most trusted company in the Mexican area. The Poulin design center has been a mainstay in home remodeling for nearly 40 years. They have partnered with the largest manufacturer in the world, which offers numerous customers an opportunity to go solar.

They have excellent solar panels with amazing service throughout the whole service that help the customers generate their own power.

The company has a quality installation team and knowledgeable solar advisors that ensure a remarkable experience for the customers.

What is a tax credit and how is it beneficial?

Tax credits are the immediate savings that come with the installation of the solar system. Mexico provides multiple credits, such as:

  1. A gross receipts tax exemption on the customer’s complete solar project
  1. It provides a 10% state tax credit on the purchase of a solar system, which combined with the federal tax credit saves 26% on the solar installation costs.

Overall, the residents of Mexico can save a total of 43% on their electricity bills. However, certain requirements must be fulfilled to claim the credit.

What are the criteria required to claim the tax credits?

To qualify for the tax credits, customers should make sure that the model chosen is rightly certified by solar rating and certification corporations, and also check that the solar system meets the local building code. Solar Pro can carefully guide all customers to meet all these requirements.

Why is purchasing better than leasing?

Purchasing the solar system is always the best option as it helps the customer to claim the tax credit, whereas leasing does not provide such benefits. Moreover, the owner of the solar system can save up to 70% to 100% on electricity bills.


It is important to consider such a company that provides tax credits to its customers and comes with several other benefits.

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