What You Need to Know About the Floor Graphics

By Vitaliy Vinogradov
In General
Sep 5th, 2021

Effective signage can be found in every element of a customer’s sight, but floor graphics are perhaps the best example. Floor graphics are special decals created for floor advertising using special adhesives and durable thin layers designed to be walked on.

The advantages of it:

Although the ground position remains unchanged, ground graphics are a versatile aspect of interior and exterior signage. These custom floor decals can:

  • Direct Flow: Stores and other retail spaces can use ground graphics to guide consumers to optimal routes through sales areas. These routes make it possible to highlight the on-site or premium inventory.
  • Get the attention of potential buyers: Regardless of age or gender, most people tend to see where they are going. Floor Graphics takes advantage of this focus to optimize every second of a consumer’s time.

  • Please resist the temptation of smartphones: When customers use smartphones, their gaze is often directed downward. While this position may cause them to miss the sign at eye level, the graphics on the ground can still be easily seen.
  • Branding at a conference or trade show: Floor graphics can be easily applied and removed, making them the perfect decals for temporary events such as conferences or exhibitions. These areas often have high foot traffic from people unfamiliar with the location; Effective graphic printing on the floor can grab attention and guide potential customers to the booth.
  • Retail space optimization: Department stores and boutique-style events may have difficulty convincing attendees to walk all distances. This challenge is often reflected in areas with varying success rates – high sales numbers near the front of the store and lower numbers near the back. Suburbs are less frequented and, therefore, less efficient. Floor graphics can motivate consumers with periodic instructions and incentives to keep going.

The Quality Matters

Ground graphics are one of the most durable forms of graphics available – they should be. Considering that an effective floor decal application is done in high traffic areas and with cleaning machines, the material should be designed to withstand the constant impact of shoes, bags, and other items.

Textured coating adds a protection layer and reduces the risk of slipping.

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