Make Your Car Shiny Again – How to Polish and Wax Your Car?  

By Vitaliy Vinogradov
In Auto
Aug 10th, 2019

 There are certain reasons why you need to maintain your car looking as shiny as possible—and it’s not always about car vanity. One big reason is to maintain its price value. More importantly, you probably spent huge cash to purchase your car, so it is sensible to make sure that your automobile stays in good condition. A good-looking car is usually easy to resell than some pile of junk vehicles that appears like it had been stepped on by a huge monster. Plus, it can also help in creating an optimistic social impression—such as when you go out on dates or to a job interview.

To a sizable degree, the process of maintaining a shiny and good-looking car involves making sure that the paint remains in decent condition, with shiny, vibrant colors. Plenty of car owners, however, simply don’t give enough attention to their car’s paint, and, because of this, their car begins to look duller as the years go by. In the long run, the paint may become so badly oxidized so it requires a thorough paint job to have it back once again to anything like its brand-new condition.

This doesn’t need to happen, though. No matter if your paint job has begun fading, it’s still not too late to place the shine back on the car. Below you’ll explore some suggestions for making your car shine again.

Steps to Make Your Car Become Shiny Again

Now you have decided to do what you can to return your car to its original state – shiny and polished. And here’s how you begin:

  1. Wash Your Car – always give the exterior of your car an extensive cleaning. You must need to get rid of all that debris and impurities that your car routinely collects when driving on the road. Generally speaking, it’s not only about dirt, but also fingerprints, oils, bugs and all sorts of those other random impurities that somehow get stuck-up to your car. To make sure that your car is as clean as possible, consider washing your car twice before doing any more work with it.
  1. Remove Any Surface Impurities – So, now you’ve finished washing your car and get rid of all the dirt. What other people don’t realize is the fact that simple washing will not likely to remove the surface contaminants from their vehicle. But what exactly are these? Surface contaminants or impurities include airborne pollutants, tar, splattered bugs, paint overspray, soot, and many more. Some of these are not visible to the naked eye, but they become a hindrance for making your car shiny again
  2. Repair Your Car Paint – Now you should inspect your vehicle for any signs and symptoms of paint damage, like scratches. If you have a small scratch that affects the clear coat, then you can simply repair it with a rubbing compound you can find at any auto shop.
  1. Make Your Car Glossy Again – You’ll need to remove these tiny scratches and swirl marks, and you will do this by applying some car polish. Suitable car polishes are now available on the market. You can make your car glossy again with the use of some dual-action polisher or making the paint stronger by using a sealant, just visit this link to create better results than a hand application.

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