Mucuna Pruriens: The Most Productivity Pill You are Looking For

By Vitaliy Vinogradov
In Health
Aug 14th, 2018

Mucuna pruriens, also known as dopa bean, is the natural herbal supplement that is used in the Ayurvedic medicine, practiced in India, reduces anxiety, lowers stress, boosts the libido, improves focus, and elevates your mood.

What does mucuna pruriens do?

Mucuna pruriens has the magical ability of improving motivation, energy, well-being, and sex drive all along with reducing overeating tendency. Before any labs, chemicals, or appointed health authorities, practical knowledge and natural plants formed the main foundation for the medicine. Ayurvedic medicine of India is considered to be the oldest medical modalities, and cataloged therapeutic properties for many plants. Research is now starting to focus on the ancient plants, flowers, roots and herbs.

What are Active Compounds present in Mucuna pruriens?

Magic of each therapeutic plant generally resides in their beneficial and active compounds. Interaction between all these compounds is responsible for plant’s favorable effects. And in case of Mucuna pruriens, L-dopa or levodopa is these compounds. The bioactive chemical is the precursor to many neurotransmitters, which includes noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine.

antioxidant defense system

Can Mucuna pruriens control Brain Health?

Some research suggests that Mucuna pruriens protects our brain by keeping neural and cognitive functions in proper check, and encouraging the neural activity. Mechanism behind the theory is very simple — all the free radicals have got unpaired electron, which makes them a little unstable in your body. The antioxidants donate electron to free radical that will neutralize its effects, mainly on your brain. Mucuna has got added benefit for vitamin d and depression anxiety and fights the systemic redness in your brain that is often the factor for brain degradation.

Affect of Mucuna pruriens On Stress

Ayurvedic tradition makes use of Mucuna pruriens to promote the mental health & stress response. The study involving over 120 men suffered from the psychological stress also reported that the supplementation of Mucuna eased their stress. The researchers concluded that this herb reactivates an antioxidant defense system, which is one important biological mechanism for maintaining the homeostasis within your body.

Can Mucuna pruriens cure Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease partially is characterized by the decreased brain formation of dopamine, one important neurotransmitter. As Mucuna pruriens influences dopamine levels positively, it is the Ayurvedic therapy for years. The preliminary research states that natural form of the L-dopa present in Mucuna pruriens gives equivalent results when compared to the synthetic levodopa; without any common side effects for vomiting, nausea or involuntary muscle movement.

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