How to Level Up Your Content Game

By Vitaliy Vinogradov
Sep 5th, 2018

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important if you want to thrive in a market filled with fierce competitors. If you have an online store, you have to take advantage of search engines. Search engines are the most efficient way for consumers to find information online. You have to understand that when it comes to searching online, the majority of people will start at the top of the list.

If you’re not at the top of the list or even on the first page of the results page, then you’re missing out on traffic and site hits causing your sales to plummet. Knowing this, you should focus on ranking. The ranking is a key element to any SEO strategy. There are many ways to improve your site ranking. You can consider enhancing your page titles, customizing URLs, improving loading time and responsiveness, link building, optimizing metadata and developing high-quality content.

It’s said that developing high-quality content is the king. You can execute other SEO strategies, but if you cannot generate high-quality content, your ranking will suffer. If you’re a content writer, you have the responsibility to elevate the brand’s online identity. Here are some tips on how to level up your content game:

Optimize multimedia

Whenever you’re creating content, you only have seconds to astonish your readers. Use these precious seconds to make a great impression. It’s important that you optimize multimedia (photos, charts, videos, infographics, GIFs, drawings, and screenshots) by attaching a relevant image with every post. Multimedia can help captivate the readers.

Wicked Article CreatorWhen you optimize images, make sure to create a descriptive file name that incorporates your keyword and reduce the file size to improve the loading time. To optimize videos, you should save it as MPEG, M4V, MPG or MOV to make crawling easy and embed videos from famous hosting sites so they can be found on video and web searches.  Do not forget to incorporate your keyword in the file name as well.

Break up your copy

Upon looking at the article, readers should not feel bored. With this, you should not dump an endless stream of text. What you can do is to create short and concise paragraphs that are easier to digest. Break up your copy using bullets, headings, and subheadings. This is to ensure that the readers can quickly absorb important points.

Always proofread

Before you publish, take the time to proofread the article because grammar and spelling mistakes are a major turn off. If you do not have time to do this, you can invest in proofreaders or editors to help make your content valuable.

Update regularly

It’s not enough to publish content. You also need to update it. If you update your content regularly, it will indicate the site’s relevancy. You can start by updating headlines, sub-headlines, tables, charts, and other multimedia. If search engines re-crawl your article, you will have improved rankings.

Alternatively, you can conveniently utilize wicked article creator for high-quality contents. After high-quality content, you should also focus on link building. Keep in mind that even if you have informative content, if it’s not shared or linked, it offers little relevance.

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